26 October 2018

Winter tastes better!

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It’s a typical Italian tradition to have deli-meats to be cooked at Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner: cotechino, zampone and cappellotto are traditionally eaten during the holidays, accompanied by a good plate of lentils.
The origin of this tradition derives from the peasant custom of sacrificing pig on December, 13th (Santa Lucia): since these are fresh products that do not require a maturing process, consumption should be done in the short term. They were also considered as particularly valuable products, for this reason reserved for parties and consumption in the family.

A curiosity about lentils, typical contour of these tasty meats: the legend was born in ancient Rome when it was customary to give, for the arrival of the new year, a leather bag called “Scarsella”, tied to the belt and full of lentils. Since the round shape of the legume recalls that of a coin, the wish was that all lentils were transformed into gold coins.

But what’s the difference between cotechino, zampone and cappellotto? Let's find out more about these specialties of the Emilian tradition by Cavalier Umberto Boschi.


Fresh Cotechino

Cotechino is a pork sausage prepared with a mixture of meat, lard, rind (all coarsely chopped), perfumed with spices and stuffed into a gut.
It derives its proper name from the pork rind, the “cotenna”, which makes up a good part of the minced meat of this salami.
Cav. Boschi’s Cotechino is produced with strictly fresh raw materials, nothing is frozen: this requires a slow cooking of about 3 hours.
To cook it at its best, bring the water gradually to a boil and let it cook for the indicated time, adding a few sage and bay leaves to give taste. It is important that the water always blows very slowly to prevent the skin from breaking.
So much patience will be repaid by a soft meat, which almost melts in mouth. A delicate and slightly spicy flavor, to be served with a side dish of mashed potatoes, lentils or spinach.
For a typically Emilian gourmet combination you can serve in a separate bowl a savory zabaglione prepared with white wine and vinegar.


Fresh Zampone

So different in appearance, cotechino and zampone share a very similar preparation. The zampone is made with coarsely minced lean fat meat, combined with finely chopped pork rind and flavored with pepper, nutmeg and cloves.
The difference lies in the casing, which is made with the gut for the cotechino and with the front paw of pork for the zampone. This difference affects the consistency of the meat: the meat of the cotechino remains softer than the zampone.
With zampone you can dare a green sauce or a mostarda from Cremona, or a side dish of stewed cabbage. To drink, the ideal pairing is with sparkling red wines such as Lambrusco.


Fresh Cappellotto

The cappellotto (or "cappello del Prete") is a traditional pork sausage in which the mixture of minced pork is contained in a wrapper formed by rind cut into a triangle. Typical of the lower Parma area, its name derives from its shape that recalls the ancient hat of the priest.
It is a tasty and flavoursome meat, excellent with beans, mashed potatoes or lentils.

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