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Salamis are Cavalier Umberto Boschi’s forte, the products that made the company famous all over Italy and beyond.

Our history

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Umberto Boschi, leveraging his experiencein the family business, put his heart and soul into a new project: setting up a company to produce typical deli-meats from Parma.   

In the difficult initial stage and at any time, he was constantly supported by his wonderful wife Rosa. In 1922, with a small group of friends and trusted staff, he founded the Cav. Umberto Boschi

The idea proved right and results were not long in arriving.

Direct relation with customers, Sunday opening of the plant and periodic visits of shop owners to get to know the products they would display in their windows. Between price negotiations, chats on the latest happenings in town and a slice of salami with a glass of good wine, time flies around the table.

After the tough war years, Cavalier  Umberto Boschi strengthened its market position and made the taste from Parma known all over Italy. 

At 83, Umberto decided it was time to down tools, and passed the management of the company to his son Renzo. Today, almost one hundred years from its foundation, we have reached the fourth generation of the Boschi family that continues following the whose set of learnings handed down from generation to generation: passion for our work, respect of tradition, care for every detail.

Since 1922

The tradition of a
special family

“Human talent and skills are not enough”, this statement is absolutely true for Salame Felino.

Felino, Flén in the local dialect used by the old card players sitting around the tables in the town square, is a municipality at the foot of the first hills of the Apennines, known as the Foothills area.

It was immediately clear to old pork butchers that this perfect meeting point between plains, hills and the Baganza river would provide the right combination of humidity and breeze to produce and then mature a salami with extraordinary taste.

And right here, it all began almost a century ago.

Felino, Parma

When the land makes a product unique

The Cavalier Boschi Plant


Everyone plays a role: those who carefully select the raw materials and whose who process them; those who deal with customers, those who research and develop new products, those who carry out tests on deli-meats and those, envied by all, who are in charge of tasting the new salami batches.  

Everyone “is working towards quality”, in their own area of expertise.


The history of the Cav. Umberto Boschi company is also the history of the people who have contributed to its growth through their work and skills since 1922. Today, these are the faces of our company.

  • Umberto Boschi

    Sale Director

  • Lorenzo Boschi

    Ham Factory Manager

  • Alessio Tomaselli

    Sales Manager


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